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'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we have the latest on the trade deal gone wrong, and assess whether the stumble bolsters the case for more federal regulation. >> woodruff: then, ray suarez examines a drug used to treat aids now approved by an fda panel to prevent the disease. >> brown: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: and margaret warner talks with prize-winning reporter leslie maitland about her powerful and personal tale told in a new book, "crossing the borders of time." >> i had to grown-up all my life fascinated, spellbound by my mother's stories of war, escape and lost love. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. >> look, it's so simple. >> in here, the bright minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea-- adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud, all in real time.
with gordon brown's government. i think around march 2009, may have been a bit later, i think that's when gordon brown announced that the referendum that had been promised in the 2005 manifesto in the european constitution, they were going to renege on that promise. and again, i think it was a male or the telegraph and "the sun" who particularly "the sun," i shall just be to "the sun," called within four a special election in the autumn of 2000. because his referendum was a hard-fought battle, population live far wanted that referendum on the constitution. so we have followed up with each other but i still saw him. >> that wasn't really the question at all. by the 31st of march, 2009, "the sun" was moving towards the conservative party, is that true or not? >> sorry, i thought i had said at the beginning in answer to that question, that was quite the way i would describe it, more we were running out of ways to support mr. brown's government. >> moving towards withdrawing its support for the liberal party, could we agree on that formulation? >> we could. >> could i just ask about one sente
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happening 1,600 miles away from oklahoma in massachusetts, republican senator scott brown of massachusetts is locked in a virtual tie to hold on to his seat against his democratic challenger, elizabeth warren. last month, boston's conservative tabloid, the "boston herald," published this headline, "harvard flow." school once touted liz's native american routes as proof of faculty diversity. the accusation here was that elizabeth warren was somehow wrongly considered to be native american? she was maybe wrongly listed as having native american heritage in law school directories and someone, maybe her, maybe the school, somehow wrongly benefited from that wrongful impression, that wrongful, spurious thing that she supposedly did. the "boston herald" described it as "elizabeth warren's avowed native american heritage, which the candidate rarely if ever discusses on the campaign trail, was once touted by embattled harvard law school, officials who cited her claim as proof their faculty's lineage." so the accusation that she's faking being native american. senator brown's campaign manager deman
woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight, we have the latest on the attack in damascus. the deadliest in the 14 month uprising. >> woodruff: then, we assess the political fallout from president obama's coming out on same sex marriage. >> brown: miles o'brien reports on the move to curb scientific testing on chimpanzees to find cures for human ailments. >> so is it cruel or not? >> woodruff: margaret warner examines new warnings about the long term use of osteoporosis drugs aimed at rebuilding bones. >> brown: and gwen ifill talks with biographer robert caro about his latest volume on lyndon johnson, an epic story of history, politics and human rivalries. >> you hate to use words like hatred as a historian but hatred is not too strong a word to describe the relationship between robert kennedy and lyndon johnson. they hated each other. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> citi turns 200 this year. in that time, there have been some good days and some difficult ones. but through it al
of james rupert murdoch, from that point of course there is no evidence the jury meeting with mr. brown. is that fair? you did say your list may not be complete in relation to mr. brown. >> i know my list is not complete. i am not sure. i'm sure tony blair had to release the formal and informal meetings and i'm pretty sure if they have, there will be meetings at downing street with mr. brown from that. in may, right up until september. i don't know how many there are. >> the topic of conversation on the third of may 2009 to remember any specific events. did it cover political issues? >> it was done in general terms. there were people at the lunch, but again late 2009, i'm not quite sure that my memory is correct, but i am pretty sure the european constitution debate what shall we say at large as well as afghanistan at the time. so they may have been two of the issues. >> we know on the ninth of september 2009, mr. james murdoch called mr. cameron is the drink of the george that "the sun" was support the conservative party in the next election and the headline was on the front page. i th
or concern, is that it? >> no. >> why not? >> because although mr. brown had said those things to mr. murdoch, and although i had heard similar insinuations from others close to mr. brown that there was this tone of threat about it. the fact is that it didn't occur to me that they were real or proper or, i just, i just dismissed them, i suppose. >> some would say an elected government has executive power, or through parliament, would be quite entitled to bring in media policies which thought to be in the public interest but nonetheless did impact on the commercial interests of the media companies. would you agree? >> well, i'm sure that it is absolute, of course it's possible governments to debate regulation and policy on the media. of course, i agree with that. >> i'm just trying to explore your thinking in 2010. you have here mr. brown allegedly on your evidence hostile to news international. and you have mr. cameron, who is -- is that correct, he is favorable to news international? >> he wasn't hostile to "the sun." >> just have this would wait in your thinking. you are the chief executive
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for former couple rihanna and chris brown. the issue is that chris brown has a new song out. in it he has a verse where he's talking about people not dating his ex-girlfriend because everyone in the industry has had her. >> how do we get back at people in 2012? >> stopped following them on twitter. that is what rihanna immediately did. then chris brown stopped following rihanna. this is very elementary school. and brown also tweeted that people make assumptions and that he did not say any names and if someone took offense if, that someone must feel guilty. let that battle continue. yesterday at the orioles came with the texas rangers in the bullpen where the guys get ready, he took off his jacket and you have two guys wearing the different colored jerseys. so rob the end of doing a quick change and got the blue jerseys so he could match his teammates. >> there you go. he's ready to play. tim tebow is adjusting the lights in new york after he was traded from the broncos to the jets, but his dog is making a change as well. >> i think it was needed. the problem is while he was playing in den
. among those testifying former federal reserve chairman paul volker. senator sherrod brown of ohio chaired the two-hour hearing. >> mr. volker nice to see you. we have three panels today. i always give moderate short opening statements. senator corker always gives thoughtful and even shorter statements. we'll begin briefly with that. i wanted to help everybody involved in getting some excellent qualified individuals to discuss such an important but admittedly broad set of topics was not easy. so i appreciate the cooperation of all of you who are major players in your own right throughout the financial system. i'll keep my message brief. i've simply say it's vital we take the necessary steps sooner rather than later to end government policies and support and encourage large complex institutions. that's why today i'm introducing my legislation the safe banking act that was known formerly as the brown kauffman bill and amendment. i think the ideas today have traction on both sides of the aisle. the full committee's ranking member shelby voted against the act in favor of brown kauffman
death of wesley brown.brown &pwas workinggpart-time securityat an applebee's restaurant in forestville... when he removed williams from the restturant for being disruptive.williams returned to the reetaurant... with a gun and shot brown. a ffrmer crime lab technician is charged witt runniig a major marijuana operaaion inside his home. home.30-yeer-old anojjunniwas arrested and charged with possession oofmarijuana and say they found over 300- basemeet of his home on cross tiibers court in laurel. auttoritiesssayythe plants are wooth over half a million dollars! 2351 to think if someone's out there or if he has trouble with ssmeonn and someone's it's just vry allrming and dangeeous 01 unni worked for baltimore city police... from 2003 to 20066 he's now free on 25-thousand the man accused of murder and kidnapping in a case involving three daughters has diid... and thh two sisters he alllgedly kidnapped were found alive. andrew spencer reports. &p3 sisters alexandria and kyliyah pain are recovering after being taken rom their tennessee home late lass month. adam mayes, the man accused
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of these asian pacific heritage month associations, mayor willie brown. >> this evening, we are celebrating our communities from all over the world. i am so lucky to be the mayor of an international city. we talked a lot about diversity, but we also celebrates in so many ways. it is marvelous to hear the names of all these council generals from all around the world. we also have some invaluable participants that represent the city relations. from osaka, singapore, shanghai, taipei, and seoul, korea. they're working with our offices and communities to promote education, trade, allow ourselves to educate ourselves continuously about the need to have a more advanced, smarter immigration policy for our country. and also one that we enjoy celebrating because we get a lot of talent from the other countries, which is why we want to be a gateway to the world. that is why we enjoy the celebration so much. with that, i like to invite former mayor willie brown and also the supervisors, please join us on the stage and be part of the witness and of the signing of the proclamation for this year imposed a cel
happen again. thanks to the good stewardship of mayer brown and others and the good stewardship of ed lee, it never is going to happen again. then, in around 1983, into my office what gordon swanson, then the head of the chamber of commerce, and rick, who suggested doing and historic trolley festival, and that historic trolleys festival was set to just operate during the tourist season from fisherman's wharf down to castro just for four months. the next year, 1984, was the democratic convention, it was easy for me to convince him to continue that that year. then, it was expanded to a five- year plan, and it existed for five years. well, it has been a few decades since then, and the historic trolley festival is still going on. [applause] now, i understand the route is going to be extended. one of the great things about this city is you have people who really do care, not a year in and year out, but decade after decade after decade. rick is one of those people, so you would do me a great honor if you would give him a big round of applause. [applause] i will tell you a little story -- we wer
a life sentence to cyril williams. williams shot and killed trooper wesley brown back in june of 2010 while brown worked security at the appleby's restaurant in forestville. prosecutors say brown tossed williams out after he urinated on another customer. williams came back and shot brown in the parking lot. >> you have a partner you cared for, that cared for everyone else, take his last breath in your arms is something you can't tell anybody how you feel about that. it's something you carry with you all the time. something i carry with me every day. >> williams' sentence does not include the possibility of parole. >>> today a judge dropped drunk driving charges against former federal aviation administration chief randy babbit. dash cameraideo showed babbit driving normally. so the officer had no reasonable suspicion to pull him over. babbit also was below the legal limit for alcohol. even though charges were dropped, babbit says he does not regret stepping down from his post. >>> one of the greatest washington redskins of all time is now suing the nfl over lingering symptoms from conc
, trooper wesley brown, was just 24 years old when he was shot to death at an applebee's restaurant in forestville. he was working security when he ordered cyril williams to leave for being drunk and disorderly. williams left but came back and gunned down trooper brown. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of june 11th, 2010, the applebee's restaurant in forestville, maryland, was crowded. two off-duty lawmen were working security when managers complained that this man cyril williams urinated while standing at the bar. this security video shows the two lawmen conducting williams outside the restaurant. cyril william drove away, then came back. when 24-year-old state trooper wesley brown stepped outside the restaurant door to take a phone call, he was cut down by gunfire. >> to have someone, anyone to die around you but have a partner of yours who you cared for that cared for everyone else take his last breath from your arms is something you can't comment about how you feel about that, something you carry with you all the time. >> reporter: i
'm in sacramento. governor brown turned in more than 1 million signatures today to get his tax initiative on the november ballot. hard part now is to convince you to vote for it. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center hoping for sunny warm mother's day. you might get your wish. stay tune for my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you spencer. >> the search engine lagging behind google. what it is mom? hmm? what does your esophagus look like? let's look it up after school. here. thanks, anita. eww. dad, how did luke cage get his powers? umm... here, i'll show you. [ comic book expert ] luke cage's superhuman powers... thanks, anita. mom, how is paper recycled? anita! anita! [ male announcer ] answer life's most pressing questions. instantly. get high speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ >> the up and down of the stock market is costing the nation biggest bank millions of dollars. j p morgan chase announced that this afternoon that it has taken 2 billion dollars in trading loss during the past 6 weeks. bank ceo blames sloppine
. >> mr. blair, did he send you one? >> yes. >> probably not mr. brown? >> no. probably -- >> rebekah brooks' close relationship with politicians goes to the heart of this inquiry and media ethics. >> you passed on material evidence, call it what you will gained from your few dinners with gordon brown. you passed that on to tony blair. is that true or not? >> he suggested that, sir? >> in the same way you're not telling me your sources i will not tell you mine. >> ok. we'll play this game all day. i think your source may be john prescott, and it's not true. >> the questioning turned to rebekah brooks' contacts with the current prime minister, david cameron and the meeting with the murdoch family in greece in 2008. >> whose idea was it that mr. david cameron meet with the murdoches in greece on this indication? >> i'm not sure -- on this o'indication? >> i'm not sure who came up with this idea. i think it was born out of the fact that mr. murdoch was there in the summer and it was organized through number 10. >> there must have been initiatives there within news international to make a
. brown was working security at the applebee's in forest hill when he tossed adams out of the restaurant for urinating on the floor. williams came back and shot and killed brown in retaliation. >>> a drum major dies, 11 band members charged with hazing and now the band director retires after 40 years with florida a&m university. julian white is giving up the baton. he died last november and his death led to the hazing charges plus several investigations still under way. julian white says he spent years trying to get the school to crack down on hazing. >>> what you're about to say is just plain nasty. >> just nasty. and nine wants you to know we have found some new places and some new food dangers in tonight's restaurants report. here is russ ptacek. >> reporter: we uncovered health department n violations in the district and fairfax county so serious investigators closed them until they fixed the risks. at mary's kitchen carry out on martin luther king, jr. southeast inspectors cited gross conditions and a dirty comode, unclean food services, mouse feces on the floor. >> so we wanted to
backed tony blair three times. she was a guest of gordon brown's at a pajama party. historical detail of politicians past is likely to feature when she takes to the witness stand later. just a day after her friend and former colleague, andy colson, once director of communications at downing street, gave evidence. >> rebecca was the sharp hand of rupert murdoch. she was the interface between the murdoch empire and the politicians. she was the orkstraret of the kind of social media. it was her wedding, it was her party, it was her pajama party. she was the social interface that held, if you like, the whole thing together. >> but it is rebecca brooks' relationship with the current prime minister that will come under most scrutiny in the courtroom. they lived close by in the countryside. it's been suggested they were in regular contact by phone, with some suggestions david cameron texted her repeatedly last year, round the time she was forced out of the "news of the world" parent company, news international. if that is true, it could be embarrassing for him. if the content of those messag
to thank former mayor brown for being here as well. [applause] archie protocol officer -- our chief protocol officer, thank you for being here as well. [applause] someone i learned a lot from being city administrator, our previous city administrator. thank you for being here. i am so thrilled to share the stage with so many of our elected officials, our mta board, our supervisors, but certainly, foremost in my mind has been our wonderful senator dianne feinstein, who really have the compassion for this system. before i introduce her, i just wanted to just let you know again how valuable this system is to us and what it means to us today, but in recognition of that, before we do that, it still is -- i mean, we've got 63 bus routes that are managed by our mta. seven light rail lines. the historic f line streetcars, of course. 700,000 daily borders of our mta -- daily boarders of our mta. of course, senator, as you so well articulated just moments ago, no mayor can ever escape a comment on a daily basis about somebody's quality of ride in the city. because it is so much part of our dai
so the work can get done quickly. >>> governor brown is trying to get the tax hike on the november ballot. brown's campaign says they got 1.5 million signaturetures. they--signatures. the money is going the be used for the schools. >>> look at these pictures who may show the person who vandalized a church. police hope that someone show noe this is man. he damaged the holy cross catholic church. there was a statue painted black and a fount was broken as well. >>> [ indiscernible ] a vehicle without consent, a yellow, a teenager accused of stealing a sports car and our crew is there. >>> a sneak peek inside at a --inside twitters new head quarters. >>> coming up, the temperature change you recollect not expect for tomorrow. and we'll have the warms day of the upcoming week. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day,
? >> i do not know. >> you had a conversation with mr. brown in 2006 at the labor conference in manchester. you describe that in paragraph 36. >> yes. >> the labor conference in manchester that year, we knew, because it was announced, that mr. blair would be leaving within the year, and in all probability mr. brown would be the next prime minister. would you agree? >> i think that was a given, yes. >> he said to you -- you say, "i remember that meeting well. mr. brown told me he had it on very good authority mr. murdoch would appoint me as the editor of "the sun" when rebekah was promoted." do you see that? >> yes. >> he was telling you it was already rupert murdoch's decision that rebekah wade would be promoted and you would be the next editor of "the sun." >> i did not believe rupert murdoch would have had that conversation with him. >> why not? he was close to mr. brown, was he not? >> my understanding of how news international works, in terms of appointment of editors, is that it would not have involved the conversation at that stage. it was sometime after that rebekah wa
brown para recaudar fondos . >> vamos a una pausa al regresar, las redes sociales podrían convertirse la mejor herramienta para jóvenes para enconrtar trabajo . >> univisión se une a la celebración del golden gate . >> médicos respaldan una medicina que podría prevenir el vih . >> representantes del área de la bahía responden sus preguntas para las elecciones, llame al número que aparece en pantalla, antes de la pausa, felicitamos a todas las madres . >> es una señal de agradecimiento que me ha dado mi hijo por el cuidado (risas). . atencion porque en este tiempos de crisis y desempleo, >> preste atención, porque en tiempos de crisis y desempleo, la secretaria dio una gran noticia . >> se trata de diversas oportunidades de trabajo, claudia tiene los detalles . >> hay 3 millones de jóvenes desempleados, por eso el gobierno federal usa algo de moda, las páginas sociales, aplciaciones de bancos como esta en facebook denominada trabana friends . >> queremos poner la información, además amplificar cuáles empresarios nos ayudan . >> lo puede ver en su celular o en su computadora
like to know when the willie brown model will be installed on polk street, north of broadway? >> the question, could you repeat the question? >> i would like to know when the willie brown model of newspaper racks are going to be installed on polk street, north of california? >> what is it? >> fancy new newspaper racks, the green ones. >> i think mayor lee and i share the desire of many neighborhoods to get more of these racks. i would like to turn it over to mohammed nuru from dpw over whether you know the timing for this section of polk street? >> thank you, good evening. as you know, we just finished installing all the racks in the downtown area. that was an agreement. gradually, we are working out agreements with the various neighborhoods. i cannot give a definite time, but i would say in the next three months or so we should have those up. [applause] >> is john here? i will give you the question. why are you putting through only 10 lateral police officers and 50 entry-level officers this fiscal year? 50 lateral officers better on the list would be more cost- effective. th
for the shooting death of leslie browne. brown was working as a part-time security officer. he threw williams act of the restaurant. williams came back later. >>> a planet is in place to find a successor to the outgoing police commissioner. they're using a panel of experts and an outside source to conduct research. they will search for the person who best fits that position. one woman says they would like to see a replacement chosen prior to departure, which is slated for august. >> there is no verdict in the trial. jurors will continue deliberation tomorrow morning. she is accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote in the 2010 election by issuing a call saying democrats had already won. he blamed his coat-defendant, who was accused of similar charges. >>> city officials the roar of indycar engines will still go up. michael andretti has signed on to help manage the event in baltimore. they will arrange sponsorships, p.r., hospitality, and ticket sales. they are also responsible for the track. >> it is an exceptional deal with a good promoter. you have a legitimate chance of success a
. appreciate your comments. mr. jarsulic, welcome back to the committee. >> thank you, chairman brown, ranking member corker. thank you for the invitation to testify today. let me start with the observation that the very largest bank holding companies, which for convenience we can think of as the ten largest, are now distinctly different from the rest of the banking industry. they're more highly leveraged than other banks, they're far more likely to operate large and complex broker dealers and more likely to be directly dependent on unstable sources of short-term financing. each of these characteristics made the large bank holding companies vulnerable during the financial crisis and each of these characteristics needs to be addressed by effective implementation of relevant sections of the dodd-frank act. during the crisis, high leverage, that is a high ratio of assets toic quit, increase the likelihood that the large companies would become insolvent if asset prices declined significantly. during the period 19 90 to 2000, the ten large bank holding companies had a leverage ratio of about 21, wh
state trooper wesley brown after brown tossed him out of an appleby's restaurant in forrestville. brown was off duty working security at the restaurant at the time. >>> the younger brother of two n.f.l. players is charged in the murder of a denver man. 19-year-old michael davis is accused in a series of hammer attacks in the district. one of the victims was found dead in the petworth neighborhood april 24. the suspect is the brother of san francisco 49er tight end brandon davis and mb vontae davis. >>> a howard county man is now in jail facing drug charges after half a million dollars worth of marijuana was found inside his home in laurel. investigators found a massive growing operation in the basement, 341 plants, and sophisticated equipment. the suspect's suspect -- the suspect lives in northboro in howard county. >>> the soul survivor of a fiery crash in chevy chase is suing the people who helped to save his life. an 18-year-old was a passenger in a stolen car with three other people. his lawyers say the dee tails of the crash is different than what the police say what happened. >> t
is the senate race in massachusetts where senator brown has referred to gay and lesbian issues as a side show as things that aren't important. he continually points out it's well-settled law in massachusetts. he is right. what he doesn't tell you is that he opposes marriage equality around the country. it's one of many issues where elizabeth warren is on the side of the people in massachusetts and scott brown is in opposition. >> so democratic congressional campaign committee chairman steve israel said today that obama's stanchion on gay marriage is not that relevant to the house races and he encouraged candidates to let people know how you feel and move on. i am assuming you would agree that we have got, you know, to make sure that people are clearly in favor, i think, of equality. but then move on. >> yeah. look. i think there are a range of issues that our country cares about. they are a struggle. and they are concerned about republican attempts to flash cover. every single one oft may not be -- our candidate and the republican candidate in nevada paul
friday. on monday governor jerry brown is expected to unveil new cuts to state spending. yesterday he submitted signatures for his tax hike initiatives to protect schools and public safety, the governor says he has twice the number of signatures needed to qualify for the november ballot. the state is more than $9 billion in the red but that is expected to change. get ready for some serious sticker shock at the pump as we head closer to the memorial day weekend, refinery problems are choking supplies for california special blend of cleaner-burning gasoline. prices could jump as much as 20¢ in the next few days alone. west coast gas inventories are at the lowest levels right now in 20 years. here's a look at the average price of gas in the bay area. san francisco at the highs at $4.34. oakland and san jose not far behind. both at more than four and a quarter percent. >> a leak almost up to the operation involving a double agent in yemen. u.s. forces and the operation early when someone leaked association press information. they withheld the information until the operation was over. the
dark. >>----creator has called very dark. >> still ahead it appears chris brown has struck the ronald i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use iracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger more beautiful without all the weeds -- guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle gro shake 'n feed anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro. >> an end to the search for two sisters kidnapped from tennessee. where there were found alive >> . and victims of the metro will crash are being remembered today. >> the issue of same-sex marriage has prompted vice president joe biden to apologize to pre
events, mostly sold out shows like chris brown, jay-z, kanye west, and the washington wizards. the daughter has also received dozens of tickets taking in shows including taylor swift and disney on ice. >> why do they not with all of their resources by their own tickets? >> i do not know. i actually never looked at the list. >> he did look into and got back to us the next day pointing out what the records show. the majority do go to furthering the business. >> we had i do not know how many nonprofit organizations just to give them an opportunity to say thank you for what you do in the city. >> first of all, my daughter is the official designated first lady of the city. my son is out and about doing things all the time. >> the son and daughter are not the only ones taking advantage of the sky suite. lots of employees at city hall and family members are also cashing in on the free tickets. >> records show that the recent bruce springsteen concert, he let them use them with the sun with his son and daughter. >> people say others are more deserving than your two kids what do you sa
those days, but this week when georgia republican congressman paul brown proposed an amendment to cut off funding for enforcement for part of the law, as you're about to see, it did not sit well with democrat john lewis, a legendary figure in the civil rights movement who marched with dr. martin luther king jr. >> it is hard and difficult and almost unbelievable that any member, but especially a member from the state of georgia, would come and offer such amendment. people died for the right to vote. friends of mine, colleagues of mine. >> i apologize to my dear friend from georgia, if he's gotten angry with this amendment, and it's never my intent to do so, and i'm going to ask you new to consent to withdraw the amendment. >> congressman lewis, as you may know, was beaten to within an inch of his life in the civil rights struggle. congressman brown's amendment was criticized by a number of his colleagues, including fellow republicans. even those who want a debate over the voting rights act said a late night amendment to the spending bill was not a way to do it. >> late news from chica
institutions. that's why today i'm introducing a legislation, the safe banking act, known normerly as the brown-kaufman act. i think there t will have traction on both sides of the aisle. senator shelby voted both against the bliely act and in favor of brown-kaufman when it was an amendment to the dodd-frank bill. thanks again to the witnesses. >> thank you, mr. claireman. and dr. vulkar, thank you for being here. enjoyed talking to you prior to. enjoyed reading your testimony yesterday evening as it came in. i think we all agree we need a safe banking system and we want one that also meets the needs of 21st century economy and that's the balance, i think, that we're all looking for. so i want it thank new particular in your testimony for pointing to the fact that congress still hasn't dealt with the gses. i know as a man wh was under extreme stress during early '80s and made a lot of tough decisions that caused you to be highly honored by people across this country, he must look at amazement on a u.s. congress that fails to deal with an evident, huge problem in our country. but has lacked the
death of wesley brown in 2010. brown was working at part-time officer. williams came back letter and shot him. >> the search for fred bealefeld will begin with a panel of experts. fred bealefeld will be involved in the search for his replacement. the mayor says she would like to see a successor chosen prior to his departure. back to work for the jury deliberating the future of julius henson. he is accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote by issuing robocalls. >> finding a group to organize the baltimore grand prix. a new deal was announced on thursday led in part by michael andretti. the city will bring in more money than last year's event. >> it is an exceptional deal with a good promoter. you have a legitimate chance of success at this point. >> the city council must still sign off on the deal. >> a massive marijuana growing operation goes up in smoke. an anonymous tip led detectives to a basement with a found 341 marijuana plants worth more than five letter thousand dollars -- $500,000. manoj unni faces several counts. >> he had air filters, water pumping system
and killed trooper wesley brown. brown was working security at appleby's in forestville in june 2010 when he tossed williams out of the restaurant for disorderly conduct. williams came back and murdered brown in retaliation. williams plans to appeal. >>> a virginia judge has tossed out drunk driving charges against the former head of the federal aviation administration. he made his decision after watching some video of randy babbitt's left turn that prompted police to pull him over in the first place. flaherty said the officer had no good reason to make the stop. the 65-year-old babbitt resigned his post in december after his arrest had become public. >>> better safe than smoldering. metro is buying 95 new buses. they'll replace older buses, two of which recently caused fire. both fires caused by high pressure hoses that either came loose or were not properly installed. metro has fired an employee it says it caused a train to derail last month at the rosslyn station. no one was hurt but the hitch caused big delays. >>> 5:05. graduation season is already here for a lot of college students. wh
as a dental, publicly supports same-sex marriage what ms. brown is apologizing for allegedly elite a student. good evening am thinking. in 19 year-old female and vallejo is looking for a roommate but compatibility may be an issue here. she isn't work that a killer whale. at six flags discovery kingdom and the vallejo woman is complaining the park is breaking the law by not providing a companion. to get the rich explains the problem. killer whales in captivity need companionship. >>> is a lot. that is indeed a lot. federal law. >>> it's been almost six months that she is alone. >>> this animal activists started an on-line petition demanding that six flags find the souk of the 19 year-old female or that people make. so far she has 700 signatures. she says the current circumstances are cruel and inhumane. the animal welfare act requires that their social and the while that there are a house with at least one compatible companion. the waste six flags responded in a written statement due to recent compatibility issues ship that and her companion for the last seven years e-mail bottle
of this is tunneling under brown, the businesses above, especially union street and all, would not be impacted -- because a lot of this is tunneling under ground. but things are put in a place to create safe passages above ground. now, i'm talking on behalf of three or four focus groups that we meet to discuss such issues. we need to get a better understanding of how certain segments of the population will be catered to. as i have been stating here and in today's public comments, i stated once or twice we have, if you look at our demographic, an increase in the percentage of our seniors. >> we lost quorum. >> so what happens? commissioner avalos: we can stop your public comment, or we can continue? >> no, i think i said sufficient. commissioner avalos: you are back. wonderful. we have a quorum again. thank you for your comments, mr. da costa. any other member of the public who like to comment, please come forward. seeing none, no -- we will close public comment. this is an informational item, so we can go on to our next item. >> item 9, introduction of new items. this is an information item. c
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